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    I am a Bruneian with a deep passion in anime, seiyuu (YES! I love seiyuu!), manga and Japanese culture. I have recently adopted a new hobby that is collecting nendoroids and other cute figurines. My keen interest in drawing has landed me a spot in the Animation and Interactive Media course at RMIT, Australia. I started this blog to showcase my artwork and well as random snapshots of my figurine collection.
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Designers can’t code

To start the post off, we need images of those lovely nendoroids….as usual.                 My new awesome collection. Kurisu is currently sitting on my shelf alongside the ever so charming Sebastian. How cute. Anyways, around a year (or less) back, I realized my true passion – which is … Continue reading

What would you wear to work?

              This is my first digital drawing in a looooooooong time. I’m a little overwhelmed by the lethargy primarily caused by…constantly staring at my adorable nendoroids (I am partially lying). Thus, I only have ample time to do a sktechy artwork before I hit the sack. To be honest, … Continue reading

New Figurines Display Shelf

The internet speed back here at home fluctuates so much it’s annoying. Hence, the lack of updates. Anyway, today, I finally got to fix the shelves I got from Ikea, with the aid of my dad. I’ve always wanted simple and neat looking shelves to display my adorable collection. A bunch of them were gifts … Continue reading

Bakuman nendoroids

Gasp! My Youtube video is actually streaming…and the speed is unbelievable! Of course, not as unbelievable as the one I had back in Melbourne. Initially, my only concerns of coming back home to Brunei were the scorching heat and tortoise internet speed. But it seems like the internet isn’t half as bad as I expected. … Continue reading


Wow! I’ve been away from the internet life for quite some time. It’s been tremendously hectic since I returned to Brunei. I finally moved to a new home, which explains why I’m too occupied to even update, but I’m lovin’ it! So many things happened in such a short span of time, as well as … Continue reading

On Hiatus

I’ve been a little too busy at the moment. Will update as soon as I get everything out of the way.

Steins;Gate Visual Works

            Steins;Gate will have an anime adaption which is due in April and Mamo is voicing Okabe Rintarou aka Okarin, the protagonist. The main appeal of Steins;Gate to me is the art, created by huke who is renowned for his BRS artwork. I totally have no idea about the storyline … Continue reading

Winter Line art

It’s winter in UK, Japan and probably everywhere in this world but Brunei and Aussie. Kinda sad for me as I love winter so much. While most of my friends are enjoying the fluffy white snow in the UK, I’m stuck in the Aussie summer, being bitten by mosquitoes everyday. I will be coloring this … Continue reading

Speed drawing

Basically I was feeling a bit down these few days. Instead of letting all that negative energy get the best of me, I decided to improve on my drawing skills. Hence, this little piece of drawing. The reason why the character is a little boy is simply because I suck at drawing girls. I will … Continue reading

宮野真守 Selection For Piano ピアノソロ

                              Even though I totally suck at reading piano chords, as a rabid Mamo fan, I MUST have this book. I can always get my brother to play it for me. Heh, heh, heh! I just called Kinokuniya Singapore and sadly, … Continue reading